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Terms and Conditions



When you book a tour with American Based Sports Abroad, LLC (known from here forward as ABSA) and its Suppliers.  

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify, restrict, change or otherwise alter this Agreement, in whole or in part; impose limits on certain features, promotions or services at any time, for any or no reason, with or without prior notice, and without liability.

ABSA acts only in the capacity as agent for the owners and contractors providing transportation, hotel, or other services. All tour services, tickets, and vouchers are subject to any and all terms and conditions provided by issuer. The acceptance of any service provided as part of the ABSA program or of any ticket or voucher, shall be deemed to be acceptance of and consent by the program member to these conditions. All services are subject to the law of the country in which the services are provided.

ABSA reserves the right to dismiss members of the group at the expense of the member for misconduct and or inappropriate behavior. 


Reservations and Payment  

All reservations require a $250 non-refundable deposit upon completion of the registration. All payments must be in the form of U.S. dollars. If payment and appropriate documentation are not received when due, ABSA reserves the right to treat the reservation as canceled by the client. 


Changes or Cancellation by Client  

All trip deposits and balance payments made are non-refundable/non- transferable.  $250 non-refundable deposit required. Travel insurance is strongly encouraged. Individual or group travel insurance is not provided by ABSA.  

Changes or Cancelations by ABSA
ABSA reserves the right to cancel any trip or service agreement due to acts of nature and/or any other occurrence out of our control associated with operating in a developing nation. Should ABSA cancel a trip for reasons not related to fault on your part, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid to us.  

We design our trips with a degree of flexibility, to provide you with the best possible opportunity for exploring different parts of the world, including Caribbean Nations, Europe, and Australia. Our itineraries may change due to weather, availability of new accommodations or routes, problems with old routes, etc. Every effort is made not to delete a specified inclusion but to fulfill 


The conditions and terms of sale for the best interest of all parties. ABSA reserves the right to change the itinerary due to any factor in our endeavor to maintain trip integrity in the event of adverse conditions. These revisions include tour dates, scheduled games and tours, and any other activity on the itinerary. In the event of changes, we will make every effort to maintain the intent of the original itinerary. Regardless of the cause, ABSA shall not be or become liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for loss, injury, or damage due to sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine, acts of terrorism and injury during the program events. 


ABSA reserves the right to:  

  • Substitute any hotel/lodge/motel accommodation should circumstances necessitate at its discretion. Should any substitution occur then the accommodation provided will be of a similar standard.  

  • Cancel your tour arrangements in any circumstances: for example, if the minimum number of clients required for the tour is not reached.  

  • Cancel a tour either in whole or for an individual passenger in the event that circumstances beyond the control of ABSA necessitate alternative arrangements to ensure the safety of other tour participants or their reasonable participation in and enjoyment of their tour. In such an event ABSA reserves the right to decline to make any refund of any tour cost.  

  • Alter any part of the tour it deems necessary or advisable. The additional cost resulting from such change shall be paid by the program participant. Items listed as optional are not included in cost of trip.  


***Travel insurance is strongly encouraged. Individual or group travel insurance is not provided by ABSA.  

Force Majeure  

ABSA’s failure to perform any term or condition of this Agreement as a result of conditions beyond its control such as, but not limited to, war, strikes, fires, floods, acts of God, governmental restrictions, terrorism, power failures, or damage or destruction of facilities, shall not be deemed a breach of this Agreement. In the event that your tour is disrupted due to acts of war or terrorism, ABSA will only be able to refund those portions of the tour that are refunded to us from our suppliers. We highly recommend purchasing insurance for your tour that covers acts war of terrorism. In the event that changes do occur, each passenger will be responsible for any additional fees charged for the changes. 


***Travel insurance is strongly encouraged. Individual or group travel insurance is not provided by ABSA.  


What Is Included 

Typical Inclusion is  

  1. Ground Transportation 

  2. Hotel Accommodations

  3. Uniforms (Vary by sport/trip)

  4. 2 Meals per day-typically breakfast and dinner, with lunch on  your own. (3 meals per day in some instances) 5) Admission to tours as described. 


Please refer to your unique trip itinerary, service agreement, or email information for details related to inclusions. 

What is NOT Included
Unless otherwise stipulated in writing in your unique trip itinerary or service agreement, airfare, airfare to the gateway city, airline fuel surcharges, airport transfers, soft drinks, visa/passport fees, telephone and communication costs, taxi fares, some meals (depending on the trip), excess baggage charges, alcoholic beverages, sleeping bags and pads, laundry, medical expenses, individual medical insurance, travel insurance, cost of hospitalization or evacuation from remote areas, entry or departure taxes, insurance, and gratuities for guides and all other matters of a personal nature are not included and must be paid for separately by you when required.

Activities listed as optional in an itinerary or service agreement generally require an additional fee. If the trip must be extended or itinerary modified due to causes beyond ABSA’s control, all associated costs are not included. (In some cases, travel insurance may cover these costs. 

Travel insurance is strongly encouraged. Individual or group travel insurance is not provided by ABSA. 


Medical Responsibilities 

Good physical and mental health are essential for the enjoyment of these trips. Come in good condition. It is essential that any participant with a medical condition requiring regular treatment or which may be affected by vigorous activity, high altitude, heat, cold, other natural phenomena, or foods, notify ABSA, in writing, in advance of the trip. All participants must carry their own medical insurance and field rescue and evacuation insurance, valid for the duration of the trip.

Friends and Family Members Joining the Tour
Friends and Family members are certainly encouraged to tour with the group. Under no conditions will we allow family members an option to join the group as travelers without payment for the packaged trip. ABSA is under no obligation to provide information regarding tour routing, accommodations, and game information to anyone other than those on tour with the team. We are under no obligation to provide services or transportation to anyone who deviates from the itinerary as supplied to the team. 


Television, Photography, Media and Video Rights:  

ABSA has full Television, Photography, Media and Video rights in and to any and all of the programs or events affiliated with the program. 


Member’s Acceptance:  

ABSA reserves the right, in its own discretion to decline or accept approval of any individual as a member of ABSA. 

Important Note Regarding Fundraising
Each Team member is responsible for checking the guidelines for raising funds as they pertain to their eligibility with their respective athletic associations. We are not a not-for-profit company. It is important that each company verify on their own if they are able to use the donation as a tax deduction. 

Luggage Limits  

  • Please check with your airline for baggage limits and weights. There      may be additional charges for extra baggage.  

  • Please contact your airline supplier for restrictions on luggage and handling of sport equipment before you depart.  

  • One piece of hand luggage such as backpacks (not equipment bags), camera bags, handbags, etc. is allowed and will be carried inside the bus-to ensure the comfort and safety of all travelers.  

  • Extra luggage is only carried if space is available  



A passport is required to depart the USA for International destinations. You can get passport applications and file them at any US Post office. We recommend processing your passport immediately! It may take up to 2 months to process. 


You will need:

  1. An original birth certificate  

  2. 2 forms of ID

  3. A check or money order (credit card/debit cards are not accepted) for amount of passport.  

  4. A passport picture -These can be taken at Walgreens, CVS, Post Offices-call and check with your local store.  


Some countries require a visa for travel. If you are traveling to a country that requires a visa you will be responsible for obtaining the visa. 



We suggest that 1 photocopy of the individual passport be forwarded to us at time of last payment. We recommend each passenger to carry a photocopy of the Identification page of their passport with them throughout the tour. 


Travel insurance is strongly encouraged. Individual or group travel insurance is not provided by ABSA.  

General Tour Information  

  • Training sessions with players/coaches/teams are subject to the participants(s)/coaches/teams commitments,  

  • In order to ensure all arrangements are appropriate, any physical, mental or emotional disability that may require special attention, handling or treatment, must be notified in writing with your reservation request  



Uniforms will be handed out to you in your country of travel (unless otherwise stated) If you order the wrong size uniform, you will be responsible for covering any additional costs for reordering a uniform. Under some circumstances, uniforms may not be able to be reordered. 

Final Balances
Final balances for trips that take place during the summer months (June, July, August) are due March 15. Final balances for trips that take place during the winter months (December, January) are due October 15. Failure to pay promptly renders your place on the tour liable to cancellation with the loss of monies paid as stated under “Changes or Cancelation by Client”.  


Unpaid Balances  

ABSA will pursue any unpaid balances due for services provided with all associated costs applied to the client. Travel with the team will not be permitted with any remaining balance due. 


Drug Policy  

Any passenger caught using illegal drugs on an ABSA tour will be removed from the tour at their own expense. 


Consumption of Alcohol Policy  

  • U18 (minors): If you are traveling on an ABSA roster as a player you will not be permitted to consume alcohol on tour regardless of the laws of the  country in which you are traveling. If you are in violation of this policy, you will be responsible for any fees to be removed from the tour. 

  • College Athletes: If you are traveling with an ABSA collegiate team as a player ABSA will allow you to make adult decisions on your consumption as long as it is within the laws of the country of which you are traveling. If you abuse the privileges and are causing problems on tour, ABSA will dismiss you from the tour and you will be responsible for your expenses to return to the USA at that time. If you are in violation of this policy, you will be responsible for any fees to be removed from the tour. 

  • Friends and Family: You are welcome to experience the tour at your own pace. However, if you become a problem for the group you will be dismissed from the tour at your own expense. If you are in violation of this policy, you will be responsible for any fees to be removed from the tour. 


Inappropriate Behavior  

ABSA reserves the right to remove participants from the group that are being disruptive or causing problems for the group. Acts of violence, bad behavior or other inappropriate actions towards anyone during an ABSA tour will not be tolerated. If a coach or ABSA staff members feels the participant is behaving in an inappropriate manner, they reserve the right to send the participant home at their own expense. 


Behavior: (in public) Behavior that is derogatory, threatening, or abusive toward your teammates or opponents will NOT be tolerated. Respect and accept the decisions of your coaching staff. If you intentionally do things to physically, mentally or emotionally hurt or injure another person on the tour,  your tour may be cancelled and/or you may be sent home immediately at your own expense. 


Behavior: (on-line) Always be aware that whenever you are on-line, you are representing yourself, your family, and your team. This applies to more than just ABSA and could impact you in your future endeavors such as college and employment. You may not be aware of it, but people are watching you! (Facebook / Instagram / Twitter) Behavior that is derogatory, threatening, or abusive toward others will NOT be tolerated. If you send text messages, emails, post a remark or photos, that are obscene and/or mentally or emotionally hurtful toward another person on the tour, you will be sent home immediately at your own expense. Do your best to act appropriately at all times. Respect your teammates, as well as the family members and friends that are on tour with us. 


Disclaimer: ABSA will not be liable for misconduct or inappropriate behavior on any tour that results in penalties or fines in other countries. Any penalties or fines that may be implemented will be paid by the member who was charged. Participants will be bound to the laws of the country of which they are traveling. ABSA will not be held responsible for activities engaged by participants. 



ABSA will not be liable for any:


  • Loss or damage to luggage or personal effects.

  • Personal injury or death of a passenger arising while travelling with ABSA or any of its nominated suppliers.  

  • Damage, personal injury, or death arising as a result of any of activities included in tour or optional activities.  


Our Commitment to You  

ABSA’s goal is to exceed your expectations with top quality service for you and your group. We look forward to providing you with the opportunity of a lifetime. 


Waiver of Liability  

I recognize that because of the potentially hazardous nature of this activity that an injury might be sustained. In the event of such an injury to myself, if I or my family members cannot be contacted, I give my permission to the attending physician to render such treatment as would be normal and agree to pay the usual charges for such treatment. I now release American Based Sports Abroad, LLC. (ABSA), its employees, volunteers, agents, and assigns from any and all claims, liability, loss of services and causes of action of any kind for personal injury and property damage arising in any way out of said participation in ABSA’s programs. Participant(s) acknowledges that this release also covers any claims, liability, loss of services and causes of action of any kind alleged to have been caused by ABSA’s own negligence, and the negligence of ABSA’s officers, employees, volunteers, officials and agents. Further, Participant(s) agrees to abide by and comply with all ABSA rules and regulations. I understand that this release applies to any present or future injuries and that it binds my heirs, executors, and administrators. 

Contract Agreement
"I have read this release and understand its terms. I fully acknowledge and understand the significance of these terms and conditions. I agree to the cancellation policies and am aware that some changes may take place before and/or during the tour. I understand that participants may be videotaped or photographed during this activity. I have read this release and understand all of its terms. I consent voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance." 

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